Frequently Asked Questions

What is text summarization?

Text summarization is a process that automatically transforms a source text into a reduced form while maintaining the important information.

What is AISummarizer?

AISummarizer is innovative, multilingual, text summarization software.

How many languages does AISummarizer support?

AISummarizer supports 21 languages.

Language Number of Domains
Arabic -
Chinese -
Dutch 21
English 26
French 30
German 25
Greek -
Hebrew -
Hindi -
Indonesian -
Italian 20
Japanese -
Korean -
Norwegian -
Persian -
Polish -
Portuguese 9
Russian -
Spanish 22
Swedish -
Turkish -

How do I use the AISummarizer free trial?

You can test online for free.
You can download the version of AISummarizer Personal Edition for 149 €.

How may I obtain and use AISummarizer?

AISummarizer Personal Edition for private use on a personal Linux, Windows computer;
AISummarizer Enterprise Edition for use in business or government;
AISummarizer Online Edition for use as a subscription;
AISummarizer API or Web Service for various integrations.

How may I submit documents to summarize?

a web page; text by copy/paste (full text) a single document located on your computer INNOVATION: all documents in a folder on your computer are summarized in real-time with one click.

Which document formats are supported?

AISummarizer supports the following document types:

Type Description
.doc Microsoft Word
.docx Office Open XML
.html HyperText Markup Language
.pdf Portable Document Format
.rtf Rich Text Format
.txt Plain Text

Are the summaries consistent and reliable?

AISummarizer provides consistent and reliable summaries while allowing the easy control of summary quality through additional settings.

I am a specialist is a specific field. What can AISummarizer do for me?

AISummarizer is the only automatic text summarization software that supports different product areas while simultaneously extracting all terms in a domain.

Can I customize the summary for my specific needs?

The summaries may be personalized with keywords, view settings, and interactive summary results manipulation.

Can the summary be automatically translated?

Automatic translation is integrated with AISummarizer. One can summarize a document in a foreign language and get the summary in their own language.

Is the document size limited?

The size of the document to summarize is unlimited.

Can I get updates?

New versions of AISummarizer are offered free of charge.

What platforms does AISummarizer support?

AISummarizer supports the following platforms:

windows 10
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2

How much does AISummarizer cost?

AISummarizer Personal Edition begins at 149 €.

How may I order online from your website?

We offer payment methods. 149 €