О AISummarizer


AISummarizer is a publisher of automatic text summarization technologies in several languages. The company sells innovating solutions and products for individual workstations, corporate applications and online services that facilitate rapid access to essential text-based information through a summary designed to be as concise as possible.

AISummarizer proposes various solutions and software products for automatic summarization in various configurations – desktop-based, client-based and online services. Its AISUMMARIZER products allow individuals, small and medium companies and larger corporations to summarize multilingual textual information automatically in order to increase productivity by extracting the gist of documents.

The AISUMMARIZER products and solutions summarize instantaneously various types of documents in varied professional contexts; Word, PDF, DOCX, Open Office, TXT, RTF, Web pages via Internet Explorer and Firefox, and the XML standard format.

Using AISUMMARIZER products and solutions, B2E, B2B and B2C improve their productivity with real-time automatic summarization solutions applicable to search engines, content management applications, and internal or external collaboration/groupwork.

AISUMMARIZER, drawing upon 18 years of research and development, is a reference technology in the field of automatic summarization.